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People see their bodies as a fairly permanent structure.  They will allow for growing as children, aging as an adult, some weight loss or gain over the years and a few diseases; but that is about it.  Are you aware of how much change your body is generating every day?  What might surprise you to know is that our bodies are actually in a state of constant flux; with new cells and changes in its structure being generated continuously!

You may have the point of view that your body is a certain age based on your birth date. Maybe you think it is 20, 30, or 40 years old- but your body is actually much, much younger!

Let’s take a look inside your body

  • Your hair is 3 to 6 years old, depending on how long grows.
  • Your liver is about 5 months old.
  • Your red blood cells are only 4 months old.
  • Your skin is a few weeks old
  • Your intestinal tract is like a newborn babe, only a few days old, with new cells generating daily.


Bones are what most people would consider the most solid part of your body. When I was in graduate school I did research on bone density and do you know what I found? You can measurably change the density of your bones by lying in bed for one week.  In just a week, the density of your bones will be measurably lower.

Not only are most of your organs much younger than you think but the age of cells can only be determined by looking at the DNA itself because every other molecule in our cells is changing and being replaced too fast to quantify. The individual cell may be only 2 weeks old on your skin but inside that cell, the molecules creating it are themselves even newer.

So how do we create our body? Here’s an interesting point of view:

An incredible amount of the creation of our body daily is from our points of view, projections, expectations, separation and judgments of our bodies. If you are projecting that your body is getting old, ugly, sick or fat then that is the “invocation,” the “spell” you are using to create it. We are much more powerful than we know and our bodies our very adept at creating themselves continuously from our stupid, erroneous and judgmental points of views.

How many times a day do you judge your body? More than a thousand or less? For most people, they think or even say aloud hundreds of judgments about their body each and every day.

It is the judgment, spoken or unspoken, that you are using to let the body know how it should to create for you every day. And although your body needs to constantly change, or lest it would die, what it ends up doing is constantly change into the same fixed points of view you have based on the judgments and projections and expectations you are giving it.

It creates the same thing every day, with a little aging and dis-ease attached. We just re-generate what we have from judgment.  What if we could generate something new and different with our bodies? What could be possible with our bodies we have never considered?


Here’s what you can hear in any coffee shop or telephone call on a normal day

“I didn’t get any sleep.” “I am so tired.” “My body hurts.” “My stomach hurts.” “My back is killing me.” “I’m getting old.” “I’m starting to look like my mother!” This is how we are telling our bodies over and over what to do for us. What your body hears is, “Be tired.” “Get old.” “Start hurting.” “Make more disease here.” “Age like your mother.”

What if there is a different possibility? What if you asked your body a question? “What would it take for us to feel amazing today, body?” “What fun could we have?” “What magic can you generate for me today?” “What joy of embodiment could you gift me today?” “Body what would you like to look like?” “What magic could we create together, body?  “Hey Body! I’m so grateful for you!”

And one of my favorites, “How does it get even better than this?” Ask this question for everything that shows up in your body, whether it is a fabulous day or a funky one.

What if age was just a point of view?

Could aging and dis-ease really be just a judgment and fixed points of view?

If the body is so youthful and vigorous, and so amazingly capable of renewing itself, couldn’t we create something different?

If you changed your point of view about your body and stopped judging it, could it generate something different? Yes. My point of view, and also my awareness after working with thousands of bodies around the world is exactly that.

The body is already generating brand new every day! So what if we started asking it a question? What if we contributed something besides judgment to assist it in changing? What if we nurtured its generation each day?

My question is, what is possible with the change our body is already creating if we were to contribute to the change? If we were asking questions instead of putting our heads in the sand.



Doesn’t the body just do what it’s going to do and we have to deal with it?

Does it seem like the body just does what it does and you are just the effect of what it chooses? What if you actually have more effect on what your body creates than you think? If you were willing to be totally aware of your body at its most subtle levels…which is possible when you open up a communication with your body…wouldn’t it let you know when it liked what you were doing or disliked what you were doing to it?

And what if what we’ve been calling sickness, fatigue, or pain was simply your body giving you a message of what isn’t working for it?

Often we misinterpret the energy of our body changing as something being wrong or a pain or a problem. When you feel something in your body you can ask it “ Body are you changing? If it feels light to you, if you get a yes then ask how you can contribute.

You are not helpless with your body you are the most powerful creator of it. What would you like to choose?

A different possibility

What if there is a different possibility and what if it was actually easier than you could imagine? What if you could contribute to the change that is occurring all the time and ask your body for something different? When you do not judge your body but instead ask it for something different and then contribute your energy to the change… You might just get a different result.

Action steps to take today open a dialogue with your body

✓     Ask your body what foods it would like to eat
Before ingesting anything into your body, put the food or medicine or supplement out in front of you. Ask your body if it wants to ingest the thing you are holding. If it sways towards the food or drink, that is a “YES!” If it sways backwards, away from it, that is a “NO!”

✓     Ask your body to show you what it would like to look like
Each body is created differently. And the idea YOU have about what you want your body to look like may be quite different than what it desires. Start asking and be aware of where your body brings your attention to. This may take days or even weeks, but your body will begin to ‘show’ you what it wants to look like. Sometimes it will be someone on television, or in the park, or on a billboard ad, but you will notice that your body is drawn towards what IT wants to look like. Then ask your body to show you what it requires to change so it’s more like that!

✓     Ask your body what it would like to wear
Instead of just putting clothes on in the morning, ask first! “Body, what would you like to wear today?” You might be surprised! Be willing for your body to start asking you for different materials, or clothes that fit differently or are a different style than you’ve been accustomed to.  But one thing is for sure, when you wear what your body wants to wear, you will look and feel amazing!



Something greater is possible… The Access Body process workshops are phenomenal at beginning to undo the separation that we create with our bodies. In the 3 Day Body Class and The Advanced Body class there are over 100 different, incredible, magical energetic body process that can assist in changing bodies in ways you can’t even imagine. They can help to create more ease asking your body questions and being able to hear its whispers so your ability to talk to it can be exponetialized. There are processes for changing age, increasing joy, making your face more beautiful, improving your sex life, for your body to not be stuck by the judgments of this reality and so many more that work differently with every single body….The Access body processes can be one way you contribute to the change your body is generating every day. And they may also allow you to wake up some of the amazing magical abilities and capacities your body and only your body has that can contribute to other bodies and the planet.  I know that so many of the thousands of people who have taken the 3 Day Body Class and The Advanced Body class (including me more than 10 times!) are grateful for the greater EASE they have with their bodies, the improved ability to communicate with their body, the new awareness of the sense of space that is available for all bodies and much much more!


If your body is changing all the time what can you be that would allow it to change into something that would work greater for both of you. A Joy of Embodiment is possible you only have to choose to have it! ~ Dr. Glenna Rice, DPT