No more sick kids!Since the have been attending Access classes, my children very rarely have colds. If they do start having cold symptoms they usually go away quickly, and never last more than a day. In the past 13 years I have not missed one day of work for a sick child. Before I had the tools of Access and was less willing to be aware, a sick child created so much stress in my life. I would have to miss work, arrange doctor visits, and care for an unhappy, sick child who was in pain. Now, I realize that my children are aware and that they know. One of the things we discovered in Access is that when people are sick it is usually because they have decided they are sick of something. I ask my kids, what are you sick of? They will say things like, I am sick of homework; my dad being angry; chores; kids at school. Once they use the Access tool to destroy and un-create their fixed point of views, their symptoms disappear. The truth is that conscious, aware children do not want to be ill; when given the choice, they will gladly get rid of their symptoms. Now, when they start to feel sick they usually tell me after they have cleared it on their own. They will come to me and say Mom, guess what? I had a headache, it is gone now. I changed it! What a gift for a mother! With the tools of Access, parenting just gets easier and easier!